Systems Analysis

Systems analysis is a wide range of services. This can range from everything to helping you get technology for your new office, to building you a custom app. For all of these services we will focus on providing the best care for you and offer you the best solutions taking in to account: budget, time frame, and experience you desire. Below we talk about the steps we take.

Pricing Choose Your Best Plan

Starting out

  • Will look at the problems causing you issues/grief
  • Look for possible solutions to your issue
  • Mapout and note your entire process to better understand what it is you do


  • Having looked for solutions will suggest a range of choices listing positives and negatives about each
  • Choices may include: Recommended changes to current process, Purchase already made solution, and a custom solution built for you
  • Will provide personal decision on what will be the better option but ultimatley decision lies with you the client


  • Implements your choice of solution
  • Will provide training materials and hands on training showing you the new process
  • Will help provide maintenance on the service provided if requested

Pricing varies depending on size of the project.