Development and Project Work

These next two sites are from the same project and are presented to show how consistent and thorough my development work can be.
As briefly mentioned these pair of websites are from a solo project I took on. Both sites are owned by the same individual and only differences he wanted was the products and some names. To ensure my client got the best quality I took a couple of steps. I was in constant communication keeping them updated on the progress of the project. I routinely got his input on how he liked things working, and how he would like to run it afterwards. With these steps taken throughout the process, he now has structurally sound websites that can be updated at his request with ease.

Lethbridge Bio Gas Plant

The plant has hired me and we have an agreement in which I am responsible for multiple tasks. i am currently hosting the Lethbridge Bio Gas Plant's website and providing back end maintenance and upkeep. For this i go through their pages to make sure they are updated with the info they send. On the back end i have it set to do backups and software updates in the background to keep it secure and safe.

O-Dam Association

The O-dam association has hired me and we have an agreement in which I am responsible for multiple tasks. i am currently hosting their website and providing back end maintenance and upkeep. For this i go through their pages to make sure they are updated with the info they send. On the back end i have it set to do backups and software updates in the background to keep it secure and safe.

Examples of Team Projects.

In my systems analysis class I am the “team leader” in which I work with a group of four other students on a project. We work to make the same goals come to full fruition. Following this is some documentation of our project scope we put together i found relevant.

 ”                                                                                                                          Decoder Solutions

Milestone 2

List of milestones:

Milestone 1 – The first milestone focuses on getting the team together formally for the first time, as well as meeting the client and learning about what the client needs done. Milestone 1 also covers the general feasibility of the entire project.

Milestone 2 – This milestone focuses on the scope of the project, the time required to complete it, and more specifics about what the requirements of the project is.

Milestone 3 – Milestone 3 focuses on creating process models and DFDs to describe the system to both users and the client.

Milestone 4 – Milestone 4 focuses on data modeling and creating ERDs that will identify key attributes and primary relations.

Milestone 5 – Milestone 5 will cover a feasibility analysis, summary of our recommended solution, and a budget analysis.

List of Tasks:

•           Design mock-up of site

•           Build site using WordPress and WooCommerce

•           Design custom Algorithms for shipping process

•           Code custom shopping cart, using PHP and back end using MySQL

•           Implement different levels of user accounts

•           Build checkout as a guest service into cart

•           Build client database

•           Link database with website for custom report generation

•           Ensure website is mobile friendly

Timeline for Meetings:

A screenshot of a cell phone Description generated with high confidence

Resource Allocation:

Scheduling and Planning – Because Decoder Solutions is a team made up of College students, scheduling meetings can be a challenge. We have to ensure that we schedule meetings as far in advance as possible to allow all team members to attend. One thing we do to help schedule meetings and manage resources is use hassl.com

hassl.com – Hassl is a project management tool that creates schedules, allows team communication, and has many more time and project management related features.

Problems and Opportunities:

One of the main problems we have to solve is ensuring account and user information security. We want to make sure user’s information will not be compromised, so we will keep security in mind throughout the entire project.  Another problem that may arise is not having time to complete a mobile app. In response, we have told the client we will only develop a mobile app if time permits. Another problem we have to deal with is having multiple types of users, we have to ensure that each user type can only see prices and information that apply to them. An opportunity that is presenting itself to us is making our own ‘cart’ system. ‘Carts’ are a main key to all online shopping. They help customers track, add, and remove items from their list. A good ‘cart’ can often complete a sale and turn it from a ‘maybe’ to ‘confirmed’ sale. Another great opportunity would be setting up the ‘store’ itself. A basic ‘store’ alone can have a decent sized data structure working in the back. With that there is also some minor frontend and backend work that will need to be done to tie products and the site together. This will allow us to learn how to incorporate many different practices all into one for a good ‘store’ layout. The final, and in my opinion the biggest opportunity for us is developing good e-commerce practices and traits. These skills can be passed along different areas of website creation as well as for further developing more complex e-commerce websites. These all accumulate to making a great system for us to develop in the hopes of giving the client a great end-product and giving ourselves a great learning opportunity. The skills we develop here will help us further our database, website design and development, and our user UI/UX skills for the future.


Business Requirements – Provide customers a new, easier way to purchase product from Naturally Pure Spices. As opposed to the past, where customers had to call or email the client to place an order.

User Requirements – Users need to be able to browse products, add products to cart, choose shipping options, and pay. Users also need to be able to browse recipes.

Functional Requirements – This website should allow users to purchase products and view recipes.

Non-functional Requirements – The system should allow the owner to easily add and modify pictures and products. The system should also keep customer information secure, and be easy to use for the customers.

System Requirements – The website will be hosted either on a hosting service such as GoDaddy, or on a local server. Software such as WordPress and WooCommerce will be used to program and implement the website. The database and any back-end required will be coded with PHP and MySQL.

Scope Statement:

The scope of our project is mainly focused on the functionality of the website. We will be responsible for designing and implementing the ecommerce, the layout, the database, a template for the recipes. The actual recipes, product list, product categories, prices, and weights will be provided by the client. Our job is to build our website incorporating this information to provide an accurate and easy to use experience for individual clients and wholesalers alike. We will be responsible for formatting this website to a smartphone friendly version. A mobile app is in discussions but there will be no requirements from us as it is something we have agreed to only pursue if we have the time for it.

Description of Users:
The different users involved in this system is basic all things considered. There are a total of four we have been able to identify as of right now. The first being Naturally Pure themselves. They are the owner and will have over all control of the store and website. They will have no limits to changing and manipulating items, pricing, other accounts, and products. From there, there is three other users. One being wholesalers. These users will only be buying grinders in packs of 6 and will be getting different pricing and shipping based on this. Next would be signed-in users. These users will get emailed notifications and can check their past orders. They will not have any special pricing and or shipping requirements. Since they are not wholesalers they are going to start ordering at one grinder at a time. After this it will be guest users. These users will not have accounts and are mainly meant for those who do not want to have to sign in to place an order. Guest users will also have the same pricing and shipping as regular sign in users.

Policies and Procedures:

·       Client already has government inspected kitchen for dry food In order to blend spices in his home kitchen.

·       Client wants to sell sauces which require further government approval as the product is liquid.

·       Any payment information will not be saved by the website in order to keep liabilities low.

·       Client is already compliant with both federal and provincial taxes.

Physical Layout:

-Client’s business is based out of their home, where they package their products, and do any other tasks related to the business

-Web hosting will be done either through a web hosting service, or on a physical server somewhere in Lethbridge.”